Wood is sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and has a tiny carbon footprint, while the primary production of steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber are incredibly polluting and unfriendly to our environment. Metal and carbon fiber have a huge carbon footprint, whereas wood has literally none.

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 Yes, you do cut down the tree, but they are replanted in a plantation setting. Metal and carbon fiber tripods come from limited and depleting resources in all of their mining, refining and manufacturing processes.

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 In the manufacturing of all of our metal parts, we make our own parts and we do so by using extremely tight tolerance extrusion stock, wasting aRies Is Green (9) s little as 1% – 9.5% of the total mass. Even this waste is properly controlled, contained, and properly recycled. With our new digital manufacturing capability, we are able to make our products with no prototyping and almost no waste or defective parts that are abandoned to the environment.

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We even have a unique re-purposing manufacturing process to utilize much of our scrap into other products.

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We point this fact out again as repeated earlier because we want to emphasize that all the wood we use and have used since 1967 has come from sustainable, plantation raised, non-old growth suppliers.Ries Is Green (2)

At Ries we have always and will continue to be a responsible green manufacturer. From the lighting in our factory, to our 100% recycling policy for all of our materials and our environmentally friendly processes we strive to give you the lowest carbon footprint of any tripod in the world.Ries Is Green (11)