Best Ries Tripod and Camera Head The Best #1 (7)

Ries has been and always will be made in the USA. We take great care in the production quality of our components. We make all of our parts right here in our factory in Washington State.

We have the proud distinction in history as being the benchmark in photography. The great masters, Ansel Adams and Cole Weston, always used Ries Products. The current legends, such as Tillman Crane and Mike Smith all swear by their Ries Products. You can even view photos of them with their equipment in our gallery.

Ries Tripod has always been the choice for fine art photography. Not just because of it’s elegance but because of it’s tonal response to vibration. For the same reasons that fine musical instruments are made from wood, we also make our tripods from wood to reduce vibration and help you create the perfect shot.

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