• Are the tripods acceptable for digital cameras? Yes. They work very well for digital cameras because of their stability and vibration damping.
  • Which tripods are best for the 35mm camera? The H Series tripods work very well with 35mm cameras.
  • Are the tripods suitable for video cameras? Yes, our tripods are suitable for almost all types of cameras.
  • Are the tripods acceptable for scopes & binoculars? Yes, as long as there is a compatible mounting screw.
  • Can the tripod pan? No, but the Ries head will pan on the tripod.
  • Does the price for the J600 and H600 tripods include the carrying cases? Yes, they are our backpacker models and the cases are designed to clip onto the bottom of a backpack.
  • How close to the ground can the tripods be lowered and still remain stable? The tripods can be lowered to approximately 12″ above the ground.
  • Can the tripods be ordered in a taller height? Yes, just give us a call at 360-627-8795 and we can customize the tripod to suit your needs.


  • Can the head pan and if so, how? Yes, the head can pan simply by slightly unscrewing the tripod head’s attaching screw and rotating the tripod head.


  • Do the extension legs compromise the stability of the tripod? No, the integrity and quality of the tripod is unchanged with the extension legs.
  • Can I purchase a different size mounting screw if I change cameras? Yes, the screws are easily changed and can be ordered separately. You can view the description and order on the Accessory Page.

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