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The A250-2-L57

$ 950.00 USD


The Specialty Head (as shown here) the Ries A250-2-L57 is specially made for the Linhof 5X7, it is designed for full support with reliefs for the focus knobs and rear standards adjustment screws.

This is one of the heaviest duty heads we have to offer.  The  A250-2-L57 Head is designed to accompany any A Series Tripod and handle the Linhof with heavy lenses.   It accommodates infinite 90° adjustment from vertical to horizontal and also allows a 15° tilt from left to right.  The A250-2-L57  can easily handle cameras up to 60 pounds / 27.22 kg.  The A250-2-L57 comes standard with Black Aluminum Knobs, but is available with Bronze Knobs for an additional $20.  It is available with 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 mounting screws and weighs 6 pounds / 2.72 kg.  The mount between the tripod and head or the head and the camera can be ordered with different sizes.  If you have multiple cameras with different size mounting screws, an extra screw can be ordered separately and is easily interchangeable.




  • Weight – 6 Pounds / 2.72 kg, bronze knobs add 4 ounces / .12 kg
  • Crown Size (Bottom Round)  –  6 Inches / 15.24 cm
  • Platter Size (Major Dimensions) 5.90 Inches / 15 cm Wide, 9.125 Inches / 23.18 cm  Long
  • Maximum Camera Weight  –  60 Pounds / 27.22 kg
  • Camera Screws  –  1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 available
  • Knob Finish  –  Black Aluminum (Standard) or Luster Bronze (additional Charge)





We can Custom make any head for your camera’s mount, providing you with optimal movements. We have many variations to accommodate clearances or support for focusing mechanisms, rotating backs and variable axis points.  Contact us for more details and pricing.  Ries Productions has been custom manufacturing for the photographic and cinimagraphic industries since 1936.


The tripod shown here and not included with this listing is an A100-S and is referred to as the “A-Shorty”.



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