Ultra Large Format Q100-2-A1c Quadpod

$ 2,932.65 USD


The Q100-2-A1c is definitely the most robust Platform we have ever made.  The platform comes with a ball bearing and ball screw focusing mechanism.  The platform is designed to stand up to 6 feet to the bottom of Standards.  Plenty of height to photograph over bushes, traffic, or other obstacles.  The platform can also be pitched up to 45 degrees of incline and remain rock solid and with fine focus.    Legs are detachable and can rotate 360 degrees and pitch out to 45 degrees.  The inner legs telescope in or out to provide the exact desired height.  The front and rear standards can be configured to rotate, providing additional movements.  This is a rock solid, heavy duty platform and focusing system


This is a custom product and the photos are of the original model built for a specific customer’s camera.  Contact us for your Ultra Large Format Q100-2-A”x”c.


Weight averages 33 pounds.


USS Kitty Hawk not included.


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